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What your baby needs for play, how to play with them to foster development + videos of what brain stimulating play for your baby looks like.

Course launching December 8, 2018.


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As a parent with a baby.....

You know your kiddo will go through the most intense brain development in the 1st few years of life – their brain actually triples in weight + establishes about 1000 trillion nerve connections!

Needless to say it’s prime time for sensory stimulation + exposure to many different experiences, but sometimes too much of a good thing can have unexpected consequences.

Research shows that certain activities and interactions have much greater influences on baby’s brain development + long-term learning, and surprisingly, these might NOT be what you think it is.

This course can help you feel confident about:

  • What babies need for play

  • How long should babies play? How many toys should they have?

  • How to play with your baby to promote brain + motor development

  • 4 criteria to choosing brain stimulating toys

  • Types of toys you should be looking for

  • Ideas for fun + engaging brain-boosting activities from birth to 12 months

  • Our top 10 recommendations for baby toys that are fun + stimulating, but don’t overwhelm

  • Real life video footage of babies at play including explanations (along with tips) on how it supports your baby's development

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